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Back on the bike

Back on the bike after a week of travel, two-and-a-half weeks of being sick. It feels great! It seems I’ve come back stronger, I’m now able to power up two out of three small hills on my neighborhood route without getting off the saddle.

Unfortunately it’s put me way behind on the Seattle-Portland training schedule. This weekend is supposed to be a 140 miler followed by a 20 miler the next day. I think I stand a good chance of pulling it off if I actually stop to rest after 50-60 miles and eat real food instead of a Cliff Bar. Or maybe I’ll cramp up beyond all hell and have to be rescued.

I’ve fallen in love with flutter kicks and hanging leg lifts. They burn, but a good kind of burn. I bought a set of dip bars and quickly found out my triceps are pitifully weak, I can’t do a single dip. I’m either going to have to wail on the pushups to get strength to do it, or buy some assist bands.

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