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Truck drama

Took the truck to the shop and let my mechanic dink at it. Between an exhaust gas test and pressure test, no leak was found. When I first dropped it off, they suspected a head gasket leak but later couldn’t determine if that’s what caused it. While I was waiting, I called another recommended shop to get an estimate on a head gasket replacement. 12 hours labor, $1,100. Expensive, but surely it’d fix it.

Also had them check my O2 sensor. They cleared the code again ($80 for that privilege), by the time I got home it was back on. This sounds like a problem with cabling. In the end they recommended bringing it back so they could change the oil and carefully look for signs of coolant, and track down the wiring fault. I trust their work but need to try a friend’s outfit; I won’t have to travel across town to get there.

Each turkey sandwich I make costs $2.68 and provides about 340 calories. By the time I eat two of those and a taco in the morning, that’s about half the calories needed for my basal metabolic rate. I’ve added streching and strength training over the past few weeks to stave off muscle loss. Thus far regularlly I’m down to 168. I can’t remember the last time I was in the 160s.

Friday begins now.

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