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Now that I’ve sort of solved north for the time being, I need a new destination. I’m told I absolutely must go catch a shuttle launch before the fleet is retired later this year. This may or may not be possible with a standard road trip. The remaining launch dates are on Thursdays and Fridays, requiring at least a Wednesday departure, and who knows what the schedule may slip to.

According to NASA:

  • STS-132 (Atlantis) May 14+
  • STS-133 (Discovery) Sept 16+
  • STS-134 (Endeavour) November

Beyond this, it’s all unmanned rocket flights to launch various probes and satellites. I’ve been in a space mood lately, so it’d be good to go visit the Cape again.  I swear I wish I was alive in the 60s to work on the Gemini and Apollo programs. I’d love to go to Houston to have a beer with Gene Kranz at learn how things were done.

On a fun end note, the last time I was at Cocoa Beach as a kid I sunburned my back so bad I blistered. I was whimpering so much in pain I got kicked out of the motel and had to sleep in the van. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson for this time.

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