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Weird recurring dreams

Dreams are weird and so personal that they’re useless to try to describe to somebody else. I seem to have three recurring dreams that happen occasionally and they’re kind of fascinating to me.

One is where I imagine my iPhone bending and breaking up. Like it starts off as a couple of hairline cracks through the front/back glass, maybe a defined bend where I carried it in my back pocket and sat on it. As time goes on more cracks appear and the shell starts to come completely apart and feels like a melted candy bar, to a point it looks like it got ran over by a car, and have to gently press bits of the phone together where it still works. Most interesting about this dream is that I’ve realized when my phone starts coming apart (I’ve never sat on my phone and bent it IRL) I know I’m in a dream and can either try to wake myself up or play with some lucid dreaming.

A second related one is that while trying to use a phone/computer/tablet I can’t type and/or the UI gets messed up. Most commonly I’m trying to type in something and the output isn’t what I want, like I’m hitting the wrong keys repeatedly or the auto-correct has gone way crazy. I’ll try over and over and think I wind up waking up from frustration. Or, I try to wake up my phone and there’s constant ads I have to click through even to get to the home screen. Or, I try to take a photo and the phone decides to auto-crop on a particular subject instead of the entire scene like I want. Those are the frustrating ones.

Lastly is a dream of this posh apartment. It has wooden roman columns out on the front porch, brick exterior walls, and a nice interior. The kitchen has a bunch of boxes piled up around it because I don’t cook much and haven’t gotten around to unpacking my cookware (this is something I’d do IRL). Nothing of particular interest happens here. Occasionally I’ve moved to another apartment and a month later remember I haven’t cleaned this unit out of all my property so I have to go pack it up. This dream apartment feels so strongly familiar I’ve actually woken up in the middle of the night and seriously had to think about every address I’ve lived at to try to remember where this place was, and finally realize I have in fact never lived anywhere remotely like this.

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