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Atomic tourists

During random Wikipedia browsing for detenators and nuclear weapon design, I ran across Bureau of Atomic Tourism. There’s groups of people that it’s their thing to visit bomb sites such as Trinity, and the assorted museums devoted to atomic weapons. I clearly need to go out to New Mexico to visit the Trinity site now. It’s certainly not one’s normal travel itinerary. I think it’d be rad to have a few photos of melted sand and radioactive signs in my collection.

Pictures of the experimental breeder reactors is a bit chilling to me. Here are these rusting industrial contraptions in the middle of some field not unlike some old oilfield equipment, but they aren’t just any old rusting contraption, they were radioactive and silently contaminated 1,500 acres around them. The Trinity site is still radioactive, but apparently being there for an hour is no worse than the amount of radiation you absorb on a long jet flight.

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