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I’ve been completely exhausted this weekend. I’ve been on-call for two straight weeks with some long days at the office and it’s been slowly wearing me down. I was working Saturday morning (and already tired) and decided to not do my group long run. I wound up waking up at noon, sleeping close to 11 hours. I tried to go out and run, but after a tenth of a mile, I had a pounding headache. Finished walking a three mile loop and came back home.

When I do situps, I usually hold a 10 pound plate to my chest. I decided to buy a larger plate, thinking I had a 25 pounder, I bought a 35 pounder. I figured out my error when I got back home. Heh! I haven’t tried working with it yet, hopefully it doesn’t rip out my abdominals.

Today, I woke up at 8:30, watched a couple episodes of MacGyver then snoozed for another hour. Went to Mangia, totally lost my appetite and only finished off one slice of pizza. Shopping for new clothes at the mall was a failure. Banana Republic, Nordstroms, Dillards, ExpressMen, none of them had any pants in my size. That’s what I get for being long legged and skinny.

Rogue is offering a 5K/10K speed program starting after Freescale. I am really annoyed at how slow I am, hopefully this program can help me fix that. My goal for the summer is to run a 10K at an 8 or 9 minute/mile pace. I’d like to tackle a full marathon, but I don’t want it to be some > 5 hour ordeal. I’d like to finish one under 4:20. It’s interesting in that this summer I didn’t like running and had several instances where I thought any distance was a long shot. It was painful and really pounded me. After new shoes and regular workouts, the shin pains and achy joints silently went away. Now I enjoy long distance running although it usually takes me a few miles to get warmed up and get my head straight. After 5-6 miles, going 7 or 14 miles isn’t much more effort.

I’m debating my next trip. Preferably somewhere without flying, but I’m not completely opposed to that. I need to go out to west Texas and bag my first state highpoint. I suspect that’ll be a 4-day weekend project.

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