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Finished 3M half-marathon!

I finished 3M this morning, I’m so happy!

Gun time: 2:41:52
Chip time: 2:37:22
Pace: 12:01/M
Placing: 2812 of 3001
1st 10k time: 1:13:03 (11:46/M pace)
Last 6M time: 1:24:18 (12:14/M pace)

At 5:30 this morning, it was a chilly 40 F. I was 75% sure it would be a warm morning so I wore my sleeveless jersey which turned out to be a good call afterwards despite having to give myself a hug to keep warm while waitiing around even with a 1 mile warmup run beforehand. The majority of the race was downhill, yet Rogue gave us a race plan of basically “please god don’t run too fast, save yourself until mile 11!” Even though I had the route profile, I wish I had brought it with me or driven the route because I was certain there would be “one last hill” to slog up at the end. Turns out there really wasn’t, so I ran on the conservative side. I had slurped down one too many gel packs, my stomach was beginning to feel like it could go downhill. By mile 13 my legs were lead, but I gave it all I had left and sprinted out the last tenth mile.

Along the route were some interesting music people. Up by 183, there was a guy playing an accordian. At the Mopac bridge, there was a guy in a kilt playing bagpipes. I think also on Mopac there was a group of jugglers. Somewhere on Burnet, there was a rock group on the sidewalk with drummer+electric guitars. Further down Burnet there was a 5 or 6 piece Mexican Mariachi band.

I said I’d be happy to break 2:30, I wasn’t too far off. My ankles were stiff and in pain, yet it felt amazingly good to finish. I promptly came home, filled the tub with water, dumped in my whole tray of ice from the freezer, and hopped in. Note to self, need more ice to really chill the water. I hear all the cool kids go wade around in the cold water at Barton Springs, I haven’t gotten that far yet.

I’m definately looking forward to Freescale.

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