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Advent Children

I got my hands on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children this morning. It’s such an awesome movie, it goes along nicely with my favorite game. It seems to have very fast action. The OST is pretty good, I wouldn’t mind owning it. I’m not sure somebody who hasn’t played and paid attention to FF VII will understand the movie. Tifa is such a hottie, moreso than Aeris. I don’t recall the Turks being such bumbling fools in the game, they provide the comedy relief now. I want to know how to be a baddass dressed in a white suit like Rufus. I liked how the shadow monsters were summoned, they were a streaking black shadow that formed up in smoke, spawning the monster.

In other news, 3M is tomorrow — I’m so excited! I got somebody to willingly cover my on-call for the morning, which is a big relief; I feared it would jepordize my participation.

Now to pick up my race packet and find me some neverending pancakes at IHOP or french toast.

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