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Hello Look pedals

The bike shop had a sale today and I couldn’t resist buying a set of Look Keo Sprint pedals at a deep discount. I was using Shimano SPD pedals on my road bike, and they were frustrating if not dangerous things. 3/4s of the time when I tried to step into them in a hurry, I’d miss the cleat on my shoe and go sliding off the pedal. If I was exceptionally unlucky, it’d cause me to slip off the saddle completely and whack my crotch on the top bar. When standing up to power up a hill, I had to be careful to make sure I didn’t twist my foot at all so I didn’t pop out of the pedal.

Look pedals is one of those things I wish I had bought two years ago. I put them on and gave them a test spin at the veloway today. They were an order of magnitude easier to click into, I could instantly feel when I was securely attached. Granted, they’re one sided and fall back a bit, so I have to get used to kicking back a bit farther to get situated in them. Going up a hill while standing, I felt considerably more secure in my footing with zero torquing of my shoe. Walking around is less slippery since the cleat is wider, and I can even get little rubber booties to cover to cleat.

In other news, somebody keyed my truck very recently. There’s one run down the right side from bumper to bumper, and I can even see in the dust where their fingers were. I have no psycho girlfriends that I’m aware of, so it was probably somebody who didn’t like how I parked or something. Asshole. And yes, I’m an asshole for not parking straight, but that doesn’t do physical damage, now does it? I’m the victim here!

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