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The Aristocrats are lolz

I rented “The Aristocrats” today and watched it. That is the raunchiest material I’ve heard in a while, I loved it. My jaw is still sore from laughing so hard all afternoon. By far my favorites were Bob Saget and Billy The Mime. Most of the others seemed like they were just arbitrarily throwing together actions, but when Bob let into it, he gave enough detail over a timeline the events sounds plausible.

I gave up trying to get my wireless working on my PC and reinstalled Windows 2000. I spent about three hours installing drivers, applications, and I’m currently fighting with the Cisco VPN Client installer. At some poing during the install it locked up, so I had to reboot. After that it kept saying there was an older version installed, requiring a reboot to install the new one. Of course, this never happened. I wound up going through the registry and blowing away anything related to the VPN adapter. What a fucking pain.

I need to find a new century route to ride. The route to Shiner is bound to get me hit by a car one of these days as there’s long sections of it with no shoulder to ride on. Doing 34 laps at the Veloway for 6 hours isn’t my idea of fun.

I’m bored.

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