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I’m bored

I’m getting really annoyed by the fact that I haven’t done anything remotely interesting lately. My routine is well, very routine and it feels like the weekends are just waiting for the weekdays to arrive again.

I need to start planning my Burning Man and Rainier trips. I haven’t put much thought yet into how or when I want to arrive. Alex & Victoria have invited me to fly to Seattle, then we’d all drive down together. Hotter n’ Hell is on August 26, two days before BM starts. I’ve been toying with the notion of knocking out that first, but that leaves logistics problems of do I take my bike to the desert, or do I leave it all in Dallas and fly out.

I’d like to see west Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. Half the fun of last Burning Man was seeing a lot of new territory, but driving 16 hour days was exhausting. Google Maps plots a route from Austin to Reno (it didn’t know how to get to Gerlach) via El Paso, Tuscon, Phoenix, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Sacramento and then Reno. That’s one hell of a side trip going on.

Time is another consideration. I’m not going to have twelve days to devote to Burning Man like I did in 2004. I’ll be lucky if I can get a week off of work, maybe 10 counting weekends. If I drove, that would eat four days right off the start, leaving 3-6 days to enjoy BM. Flying to Seattle would probably reduce travel to a day in each direction.

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