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11 days of Virginia

Here I am in Ashburn, Virginia. I’ve been here for eleven days now, since May 17, for work. If all goes to plan, I should be flying back in eight more days. It’s been a hard week, with some very long exhausting hours. I finally caught up on my sleep over the past couple of days and feel a lot better now. I’ve spent all day in the hotel catching up on Lost and being lazy in general. That’s an odd thing to say, since I’ve spent all last week in a datacenter, rarely seeing daylight. But at the hotel, there’s no constant loud noise of fans and air handlers, I’m not on a schedule, not lifting boxes around, and not on my feet.

Yesterday we wandered into downtown DC for a few hours and wandered around the mall. The Air & Space Museum was closed as soon as we go there, but we got in some time at the National Museum of Natural History. I need to come out to spend a weekend at the mall and check out all the buildings. It was a great day for wandering, nice weather. I didn’t expect we’d be going to DC, so I didn’t bring my cameras with me.

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