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I hate iTerm

iTerm sucks. I’ve had it with it, I’ve switched back to Terminal.app. I think the whole reason I switched to begin with was because iTerm did transparency support. I spend all my time with my head buried in terminal windows and it’s handy to see what’s behind the window. Terminal.app has since added that feature. I have no use for tabs or bookmarks, I always have multiple terminal windows open anyways because I want to see both at the same time. Neither seem to handle foreign character sets very well when I’m using UTF-8.

With iTerm, I’ve been fighting with some text click-and-drag “feature” that always bites me in the ass by doing things with text that I’m not expecting. I don’t know what triggers it, and it seems there is no way to turn it off either. I’ll go to highlight some text to copy, then some green icon appears next to it, and it tries to drag a huge chunk of text with it. I have to be careful where I release, or I’ll dump it back into my command prompt, irc, or some other window. The last straw was when I copied and pasted an email from a unix system via iTerm into a web form. The bloody app copied all the whitespace over too, resulting in a horribly wrapped post and missing new line feeds.

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