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Today was the Armadillo Hill Country classic. This was by far the hardest ride I’ve ever done. Being in Hill Country, it was 107 miles of rolling hills. The wind kept shifting all day, essentially we were in a headwind on every leg of the route which took a lot out of me. While I didn’t finish, I at least got in my 100 miles.

I had bought some tri shorts to wear on the ride which are similar to cycling shorts except they’re shorter, have less padding, and are intended to swim/cycle/run in. At first I didn’t miss the padding, but riding on some rough roads bounced me around and really pounded my tail-end. I wish I had used the Chamois Butt’r before I left. By mile 40 either the lack of padding stopped burning and hurting or I stopped caring.

Speed wise, I did a great deal of passing people. After the 78/105 mile routes diverged, it got pretty lonely on the route. I rode in a pack for a while, but somewhere they disappeared. As usual, I wasn’t able to keep up with the cute blonde tri girls for too long.

When I got to mile 50 or so, I was in a lot of pain all over. The constant rolling hills/inclines and headwind was taking a toll. My leg muscles were shredded, I was coughing, and I didn’t have much energy. Had a SAG wagon been there, I probably would’ve rode back. I popped 400mg of ibuprophen, within several minutes all the pain went away and I felt alive again. I pushed on through the headwind, declining SAG rides.

My feel good stint ended around mile 90. I was sapped of energy and the pain was coming back. I was starting to feel hot with the 95 degree heat and humidity cooking me. I kept dousing myself with water which helped. I was determined to at least get in my 100 miles. The final rest stop before Liberty Hill was right at 100 miles. I waited there and had a SAG bring me in. I just didn’t have the energy to go the extra seven miles not knowing if it would be into a headwind or climbing. I was around the last 10-15 riders to be swept up, and had been out riding for 8.5 hours. That figures to be over 5,000 calories burned.

All the SAGs were helpful and always checking on us. All the rest stops had a great amount of different food; sandwiches, chips, pickles, Pringles, trail mix, bananas, oranges. Pringles, pickles, Ruffles, Fritos are wonderful riding food!

I came home and promptly jumped in a ice bath. Shocking at first, afterwards my legs felt tingly and nice. I didn’t dehydrate myself this time, I only lost a couple of pounds. Now I’m craving a big sloppy cheeseburger, queso and chips.

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