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The Garmin update is being a bitch, two different PCs and it times out on update. It’s already erased the old maps, so it’s sort of useless at this point.

Tonight was the first night I’ve ran in a while, four miles. I should’ve known not to lay off, it’s harder now.

I bought 28 pounds of dry ice on Sunday. 24 hours later, six pounds has subliminated. I may need to rethink my cunning insulation plans.

I put some more thought into my shade structure, I think I have something workable and simpler. Even designed it with a pipe cleaner scale model.

I ran into my Krav Maga instructor the other night at Trudy’s. He asked where I had been last week. I told him I was recovering from the pain of the week before. His response: “Good! It’s supposed to hurt!” A little part of me cried and I promised I’d be in Tuesday night for more pain.

The 12 volt fans I bought draw 1.02 amps.

It’s hard as hell to find 2″ x 3/16″ adhesive-backed foam tape.

Wal-Mart Supercenter at IH-35 and Ben White is not the place to be on a Sunday afternoon. It really is worse than a mall at Christmas.

I hooked up a iPod line-in module to my truck stereo. It’s almost awesome, I get great sound and can control my iPod via the head unit. It’d be perfect if it would show artist and song title on the head display via RDS or something instead of “D1 T44”. Death to FM modulators, endless caches of AAA batteries, and lack of free 88.1-88.7 MHz audio spectrum in Austin. Long roadtrips, here we come!

I got shafted on winning a scanner auction on eBay. The guy got my money, told me eBay had locked their account. Now their email bounces, their web site is gone, their eBay and PayPal accounts are nonexistant. I’ve opened a dispute with PayPal to get my money back, but I really want my scanner, dammithell!

Who know that amateur radio operators could be so, gasp, young and attractive? Who knew that reading the full Part 97 rules and regulations

for test prep could be so boring? Who knew that you could tune into the KG6DVO 147.435 repeater and listen into trivia on Saturday nights.The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. It resminds us of all that was once was good, and that could be again. Baseball.

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