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I saw Snakes On A Plane tonight. I was expecting it to be cheesy, and it didn’t let me down. I laughed hard, a lot. The entire audience erupted into cheers when Samuel Jackson said his hotly anticipated line. After a while I got the idea they were going to use the rapper’s anti-bacterial lotion to somehow neutralize the pheremones so somebody could go wander through the snakes to save them, but that didn’t happen. Where the heck did the anaconda come from?

Hamsexy is right up my alley. Mocking people that take themselves too seriously. My, oh my, I had no idea there were so many self-important douchebags (even moreso than myself), wankers, and whackers, especially when it came to emergency management.

I’ve decided to keep my trap shut about Burning Man. I’ve gotten tired of attempting to answer questions like: “Why?” “What is BM?” “What do you /do/ out there?” “Why do you go?” “Isn’t it a bunch of hippies?” I don’t think I’ve ever been able to deliver a satisfying answer to anyone or anyone who wants to take an answer seriously. Inevitably, it comes back to the person sneering and saying “Why the fuck are you going to the desert, that sounds awful! What are you, a hippy or something?”

I ordered a Yaesu VX-7R, then promptly discovered today that the local ham store has them in stock for basically the same price. I have a feeling I’m going to cancel my order and pick one up Monday in order to satisfy my greedy American materialistic have-it-now demands.

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