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Broken MacBook Pro; lust

I finally made up my mind to buy an iPhone this week after being convinced to flip through the app store. I decided there’s probably enough useful apps that I’d actually use to make it worthwhile. Foolishly I hit up a few AT&T stores on Sunday and discovered they were all sold out. This morning I went about 15 minute before opening at the Apple Store at Barton Creek mall. Already there was a line of about 25 people. At opening time, they passed out coupons for the three different models, valid to redeem all day up until 6 PM. They quickly ran out of 16 GB black models, all that was left by the time they got to me were 8 GB black and 16 GB white. I was after a 16 GB black, so I was the only one in line without an iPhone.

apple.com says they have more in stock (what, do they ration these things?), tomorrow I’ll try earlier and see what happens.

I discovered why my MacBook Pro kept shutting down. The internal fans have completely failed and it was overheating at 185 F. Now I have a fan sitting here blowing on it, which keeps it at a respectable 134 F. Now to find replacement fans and crack the sucker open again.

Thank you Olympics for bringing us women’s beach volleyball. I had completely forgotten about Kerri Walsh. Somehow I didn’t know she was 6’3″, holy shit that’s tall!

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