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A short visit to the Apple store tonight and now I have a new iPhone with a working speaker. An iPhone with sound! It’s a whole new experience all over again!

Ferrari 456

Ferrari 456, my truck

While at The Domain, I parked next to a Ferrari. Later, Alex tells me this was a 456, of which there were 3,289 were built, so I was somewhat lucky to see this.

Alex also posted this link today: Judge: Man can’t be forced to divulge encryption passphrase. This is very exciting to me to read. I am a strong supporter of information confidentiality and privacy, and greatly prefer to control what information about me is released. I’ve been pretty loathesome that TSA or border agents could confiscate my laptop for any reason. This makes me want to turn on disk encryption with a quickness.

The really interesting twist is that custom agents first accessed this guy’s laptop without a password, saw his kiddie porn. Then, they shut the laptop down. Later, they needed his password to decrypt the files. The judge ruled he couldn’t be forced to provide it, even after agents had already witnessed the material on his computer.

My apartment management called me up today to bitch that some of my garbage (some stray milkjugs) had been found on the lawn downstairs. I don’t know where they came from, I don’t even drink milk. Out of a fit of apathy and ‘not my problem’ I didn’t ever pick them up. I suspect they belonged to my cute blonde neighbor (or a clever asshole who likes to frame others) who also has had a vacuum sitting out in the breezeway for several days. Cute or not, I’ll throw her under the bus if I have to when they come for me!

Tangentally, apparently corporate titles have their own slang. ‘C-level’ refers to ‘Chief *’, i.e. CEO, CTO, CIO, CSO. I invented a new slang for Alex, ‘D-level’, for directors such as Director of R & D.

Friday began six hours ago, hooooray!

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