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Today was a new experience, zipping across a zip line!  I found a place called Cypress Valley just outside of Austin that offered “eco tours” in their cypress trees.  Basically this entailed a group of 6-7 being led down several zip lines while our two guides handled our gear and explained something about what was around us as we went along.  It wasn’t as physically challenging as I thought it might be, nor were the heights a problem.  The lines were 30-40 feet off the ground, and I think there were six different zips and three rope bridges to traverse.  I figured out I had no problems trusting the gear as I was happily leaning off the tree perch supported only by my harness.  They offer a few different challenge courses that I definitely want to go back and try.

I was by myself, so I don’t have many photos to share of this trip. The few I do have are up on the flickrs.

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