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Moab or bust, busted

So yeah, I’m still around! I have a month off from work so I’ve been bumming around from one thing to another.  My truck just rolled 300,000 miles recently and I finally got around to having * replaced as part of regular maintenance.  I’ve been wanting to head off on some roadtrips but not really sure where.

For whatever reason, yesterday I set off for Moab, UT just because it’s one of those places I’ve heard about but know nothing about. It’s about ~1000 miles from here, so one of my first ambitious non-stop trips in quite a while. Packed up, headed out Tuesday morning at 11am. I decided to take a route down south and through Las Vegas which would put me at Moab around 1 AM, wheeee. Wound up having one, then three engine misfire indicators before I got to Barstow. P0300 random/multiple misfire code. Well, crap. I didn’t know if they’d get worse and screw me out in the middle of Nevada at night somehow; I’ve already experienced a misfiring leading to melting a catalytic converter and limping home.

Of course after I headed home I never had a single misfire, regardless of acceleration, hills, or anything. Blah. Maybe I’ll try again in a few days after things get checked out.

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