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Last night was spent hanging out at a fire station downtown visiting some of Lorie’s friends/acquaintenances. Great night for sitting outside chattering and people watching. Some of the more memorable people:

  • All the girls on their way to 6th street wearing high heels and very short “skirts”
  • All the girls who shouldn’t be wearing skirts at all
  • The guy pissing on 5th street in the open
  • The guy and girl who couldn’t go 10 meters without stopping to suck face and grope each other for a few minutes
  • All the girls leaving 6th street in pain from wearing high heels hobbling along and/or catching piggy-back rides from their dates and/or going barefoot
  • The woman who stood across the street for a few minutes eyeing the firemen until she summons up the nerve to come over and ask to take her picture with them
  • The Secret Service people who parked a couple of rigs in the station parking lot for Bush’s anticipated visit to Gustav evacuees at the convention center
  • The pair of whiny girls standing on the corner trying unsuccessfully to summon taxis occupied with fares on a thru street, later screaming into their cell phones how they couldn’t get a cab and failing to walk across the street where all taxis were having to stop at the light.

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