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Sad water pump

Water pumpsThings in my life that require cooling aren’t having a very good month. First my MBP fans break, now the water pump went out in my truck (so I think). Coming back from San Antonio yesterday, the engine was running a couple marks hotter than usual. As I went to Rob’s later that night the truck was griping about low coolant again. Before leaving I dumped in the remaining jug of dexcool and headed home. A mile down the street it complained of low coolant again and the temperature really shot up. Engine was running fine so I crept the extra mile home, which was probably unwise. Looking underneath, coolant was steadily dripping out the bottom. blah.

Looking at it today, there’s dried up coolant all over the bottom of the truck. Alix graciously lended me their van to get me through the rest of the holiday. The van is awesome, I set up higher than my truck did and I can leer down at SUV drivers now. I studied over the Haynes today, I could probably replace it myself, but I’m not mechanically inclined enough to look for any other problems. So, Tuesday I’ll have to find a way to tow it the mile down the street to the mechanic and let them fix it along with a few other things that need attention. Here’s to hoping I didn’t damage the engine already!

Hurricane GustavHurricane Gustav is creeping its way toward LA/TX. It’s all over the news, waiting to see if it smears NOLA out of existence again.

Lorie is in town visiting for a few days, I’ve been showing her all the promising local Austin hot spots and meeting up with friends. It remains to be seen if Gustav will change her travel plans.

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