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Renter’s remorse

I’m thinking moving to the new place was a mistake. I picked up my keys today and took a look at the apartment. Several annoying things, quite frankly AMLI has spoiled me. This new place just isn’t nowhere as nice as where I am now.

  • I could’ve sworn I asked for first floor, but they gave me a second floor
  • The painting is sloppy around the trim, looks like it’s several coats thick
  • The front door looks like it’s been whacked around, all scratched up
  • Lack of cat5 in the walls, making it harder to run internets
  • Lack of cable demarc inside, which means my cable modem and fuh will have to go in the bedroom
  • There appears to be only three parking spots in front of the building, the rest are all for garages. Parking is going to be a pain
  • Closets are way smaller, going to have to give up my Christmas tree to make room
  • Lack of shelving, going to need to visit Home Depot to solve
  • I already know they don’t answer their phones
  • Layout of bedroom is going to make it interesting to fit in a desk

Several of these problems I should’ve paid more attention to when I moved in. I’m already considering handing in my notice to vacate a year early.

This morning started off so well, I was up at 8 to get an oil change and arrange return of the van. Ran a few errands, replaced the fuel filter in my truck. One of these days I’ll figure out how to replace it without spraying gasoline over everything. The afternoon started going downhill after seeing the apartment. Then I got assigned for jury duty for 9/17 – 9/24.

I’m still having an idle and AC problem with the truck. This morning it stalled out a few times while it was idiling and in gear. Replacing the fuel filter and PCV valve helped some. It doesn’t outright stall now, but comes close. I guess next is to check for vacuum leaks or something. I also discovered there’s an Advance Auto Parts store a mile away in Oak Hill, after I made several trips this week to stores all over town getting stuff for the pump replacement.

dammit hell, argh.

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