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New apartment

Poolside internetI moved into the new apartment today. Plenty of wind today, but not any rain. This afternoon the wind died down, then it got hot and sticky. Today was not without its annoyances. I found out at the last minute the movers wouldn’t take anything not in a sealed box, including 6 milk crates full of books, my vacuum, and some UPSes. There’s still probably a truckload of stuff to bring up.

New place is pretty much a disaster, but at least I got my bed and TV setup. Annoyance #2 is that my internets + cable don’t work at all. Annoyance #3 is that with my current antenna, I get no HD OTA or even analogue channels. Presumably because my apartment sits between the antenna and the towers further south on 360. So, I’m typing this while sitting out by the pool, leeching off the property’s wireless.

I tried to get as much moved today since I knew I’d be sore and tired tomorrow. Heat got the best of me, I gave up and went home to unpack. Note to self, make sure you know which box you pack the towels in.

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