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Cycling and wrecking

Today went out with a bang. Started the 5k/10k program, ran 7 miles. It felt good running when it wasn’t below freezing. I got the wild notion to put in a 100 miles today on the bike, so I did it. I followed part of the Shiner BASH route southeast of town. There was a 10mph SE wind the entire way which made it rough and really slowed me down. By the time I reached the 50 mi mark, my legs were hurting badly.

The return trip was better (400mg of ibuprophen helped too) since the wind was at my back the whole way. I had only intended to be out six hours, but it dragged out closer to nine hours. Riding in the dark was a bad idea. At 80 miles, some asshole turned on his hi-beam headlights which blinded me. I couldn’t see where the shoulder dropped off into some gravel, so I hit it and went over. Again, I landed on my leg, thigh, shoulder, and head, cracking another helmet. The interesting thing was that as soon as I went over, I was quite disorientated, but I automatically pulled my bike and me off into the ditch. I don’t know if I could’ve stopped myself even if I wanted. I was a bit alarmed, yet amused, I was seeing double for several seconds. That finally went away, I checked my bike for damage and couldn’t see any. I rode the remaining 20 miles in, and here I am! I’m going to be cripped tomorrow, I’m almost certain.

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