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Intel hates me

I downloaded a nightly build of Firefox (Deerpark) and VLC compiled for Intel. Deerpark is a huge improvement, it has a more responsive interface and snappy when it comes to rendering pages. VLC, both the PowerPC and nightly Intel build, on the other hand has crashed OS X so many times tonight. It seems to crash when I’m running either Firefox or Deerpark at the same time; I haven’t nailed it down yet. Fortunately the IBP boots under a couple of minutes.

I had a problem with my Epson scanner in that I could do reflective scanning, but when I tried to scan film with the lamp, I got garbage for the preview. After hooking it up to my PC, it worked fine, I figured out it had to be busted OS X drivers. I preened every shred of Epson from my Mac (Spotlight was very handy for this), rebooted, installed the latest TWAIN and Epson Scan utility and I’m back in business now. Epson’s site says this is a universal build, but Activity Monitor shows it’s running PPC binaries for various components. My TWAIN driver doesn’t show up under Photoshop’s import command, I don’t know what’s going on there.

Nevertheless, I have about three months of scanning to catch up on now.

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