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I broke my Powerbook :(

My Powerbook has faithfully been with me for nearly three years. Today is the final straw. While stepping over it on the way to the kitchen, I snag my toe across the LCD, forcing it back and breaking the hinge assembly out of the LCD. !@#!@$@#!

To summarize, here’s the lifeline of my Powerbook:

  • April 2003: Ah fresh new Powerbook
  • 2004: I spill a full bottle of Diet Pepsi right into the keyboard. Not just a splash across the keys; no, fluid was dripping out of the battery compartment. Somehow, it fully survives after being disassembled and cleaned.
  • 2005: Combo drive fails to burn CD or DVDs
  • 2005: Original Toshiba 60 GB hard drive fails
  • 2005: Battery starts lying to me about charge
  • 2005: Hard drive fails again, this time system doesn’t recognize the new disk. I’m tethered to an external drive via 15′ firewire cable
  • 2005: I notice the LCD is burned in with my typical screen (I’m told this is fixable)
  • 2006: Upgraded to 1 GB RAM. Photoshop loves me.
  • 2006: I stupidly snap the hinge. LCD is all wobbly as I type.
  • Apple says the new intelBookPro (a/k/a MacBookPro) won’t ship for “2 to 3 weeks.” I have no hesitation buying one today, right now, if I can find some place that has one. Time to check the Apple Store here.

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