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So I get this email from my apartment management saying:

Hello Bryan,

Are you thinking about moving? Sometimes, the right decision is to just STAY the course, steady as she goes. No need to rock the boat! We think you should just STAY and keep your current address! No forwarding mail, printing new checks, and sending out notices. Just STAY! You could save yourself the expense of moving and your friends would prefer a fun night out to lifting boxes. STAY and none of your important possessions will be broken, disassembled, miss-packed, miss-labeled, lost or stolen because you decided to STAY.

We’re so happy you are going to STAY here with us, and when you think you should be too. Call us today to sign a new lease and STAY!!


Your Team at AMLI

What? Stay the course? Are they part of the Republican party or the Bush administration? Can I leverage this to get cheaper rent? Are they trying to coerce me into STAYing?

Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 08:22:28 -0500 (CDT)
From: Bryan Wann <bryan wann.net>
To: lantanahills amli.com
Subject: Re: AMLI at Lantana Hills – Don’t move STAY with us!

What kind of weird fear mongering tactic is this?

kind regards,

Then again, I suppose my lease is set to expire soon.

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