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10 miler

I put in 10 miles at Town Lake today. I wasn’t in shape to run my normal 10/1 or 5/1 splits, I wound up doing 5/3 or so. I did this in 2:14, compared to 2:10 during a training run on 11/25 last year. Today was also after only eating a bagel for lunch, no gel on the trail, or any planned drill work as I was doing last year. This makes me think I can probably get way with doing the Route 66 half-marathon in Tulsa in 22 days. It won’t be a strong finish like 3M, but finishable.

As soon as I finished today, my calves lit up like they were on a cooktop. I came home, chugged a glass of Endurox, and took an ice bath. It remains to be seen if I’m going to be crippled laster tonight or tomorrow. I lost four pounds, presumably from dehydration.

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