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I went up to Oklahoma for Christmas. The night before I came home my sinuses melted down. I’m just now getting over my cold, it’s driving me nuts because I can’t go out and run or riding.

On the way home I stopped at the mall and hit a couple of sales. I bought a featherbed cover and new sheets for my bed at a very nice discount. Constantly tossing and turning from being sick has made me at first unable to fully enjoy it, but now it’s feeling nicer every night. Tonight I went to IKEA and bought a new dark brown bed frame. I’m having buyer’s remorse, I really wished it it was light birch to match my other stuff. I decided in the store I could make it work, it’s just going to take a bit more effort and creativity I think.

I discovered my fridge+freezer went out sometime in the past few days. I noticed my soda wasn’t as cold as it usual was and thought the three wee old pizza was going south. After I took it out I noticed it still smelled “off” and opened up the freezer to find everything was well thawed out and melted. Good news is, I didn’t lose much, and it forced me to get rid of the mystery frozen chicken I’ve had for an unknown time. The repairman didn’t think he was able to fix it; heard some ice being plunked out earlier, so maybe it’ll last.

It took 12 hours longer than I thought it would for the Saddam execution video to make it online. I watched it today, death came quickly. I’ve only seen somebody’s cellphone video, but I’m sure later a higher quality video will be released. With the quality of the cellphone video and the number of men standing around in black masks, it really looks like the insurgents got to Saddam before the US did and this was their video of them killing him.

I bought a set of Krav Maga training DVDs. There’s a lot of combatives and disarming moves covered. It’s been a help watching them, every combative is broken down and discussed in detail. I’ve picked up many nuances to fix that I wasn’t aware of at the gym.

IKMF offers training in Israel. It sounds really interesting, maybe someday I’ll make the journey. The site says includes training in Netanya, Wingate Institute, and on the beach and in the water on the Mediterranean coast. 10 days with 4-6 hours of day of training, unf!

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