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The rat farm gets tinyier

Today I’m officially a resident of a cube farm at work. I’m not happy about it at all. Letsee, I’ve gone from running my own show with my own offices, to working for somebody else while working in an office with a window, to working in a dark inner office, to working in a cubicle. I’ll keep the bug spray around in case I’m moved to storage. I’m about two steps away from joining the French Foreign Legion and living in a tin doghouse.

I disassembled half my cube today and rebuilt it just so I could have my monitors in the corner where I can at least see somebody coming in from the corner of my eye. I later noticed everyone else’s cubes in engineering was setup the same way. Regardless of if I’m actually doing/watching something scandalous, I don’t like being snuck up on. It’s likely to get a person elbowed or stabbed. I’m also not a big fan of being in a confined space all day. We’ll see how long it is before I’m in a corner in a fetal position. Burton and Philip are no longer within talking distance, which was really handy at times when we were working on something together.

The good news is, the move makes it easier to bicycle or run to work and I should be able to get lunch < 10 minute walk away.

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