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I had this incredibly long, drawn out dream last night that my hometown was basically hit by LIT3 during a storm. I was up visiting, we drove back in to town and saw an old house engulfed in flames. We were wondering where the fire department was, went over the hill and saw several more houses engulfed in flames. Our house was intact, but we could see flames inside. I ran in and saw the breaker panel was on fire. Apparently the lightning storm had blown out people’s electric meters and panels, causing several of the fires (it’s a dream, ok?). The next morning the media had a helicopter fly over, showing it on television. There was a huge charred spot where the lightning hit. They said 14 people were killed, which in a small town is a lot. Weather radar picked it up too, as a bright red burst. Wild.

I’ve been reading Lee Iacocca’s new book, Where Have All the Leaders Gone?. His rants about the lack of good American leadership, politics, healthcare, are primo angry old man. He lights a fire under every topic and doesn’t let up, but also offers some reasonable suggestions on how to fix things. Unfortunately, they’re going to take balls to implement and I’m too cynical to see anyone use them unless we have another American revolution. The book could only be more awesome if he had a chapter titled “Get off my lawn!”

7 weeks without a single drop of soda!

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