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So I guess against better judgement, I’m going to Burning Man after I get back from Amsterdam.

aleigh: steve you moving has displaced the universe
aleigh: now I have nowhere to stay in KC other than inlaws
Bryan Wann: cee: I still have a futon for you
aleigh: I wonder if I could make Denver in one day
aleigh: eh, 19 hours
steve: 1300 miles?
steve: you can do that
aleigh: I was wondering if I could make denver in a day, then make austin from there
aleigh: make do a whistlestop tour
aleigh: I need a friend between here and denver
steve: heh, cheyenne is a short drive
aleigh: god I am already trying to figure out “gee why not just go to BM07 asshole”
aleigh: stupid, stupid, stupid
aleigh: “It’s so close, only 800 miles”
Bryan Wann: that’d burn off my vacation time too
aleigh: oh god, you want to go?
Bryan Wann: cee: I’m not against going to BM07
aleigh: isn’t there something the fuck else we could do
aleigh: but its so close and easy and would make an even 4 times
vjones: We talking BM 07?
aleigh: Yes red
aleigh: “It’s so close”
aleigh: god the playa, I just got all the playa out of the truck
aleigh: I am already trying to figure out how to get the airstream livable while on the playa
vjones: How much are tickets now?
aleigh: stupid stupid stupid stupid
aleigh: I wonder if the A/C will run off my generator
Bryan Wann: wtf ac at burning man
Bryan Wann: what kind of pansy are you
Bryan Wann: “to hot, don’t want to leave the airstream”
Bryan Wann: there would be no BM experience in a RV
aleigh: oh god we’re going to do this aren’t we
aleigh: I feel like crying
Bryan Wann: wah wah wah my vagina hurts

Bryan Wann: my battery is still outside on the float charger
aleigh: I can close my eyes and hear the techno music off on the horizen, the bass rumbles of propane cannons, the delayed cheers
vjones: ^ me too
aleigh: stupid stupid stupid
aleigh: fine
aleigh: bryan, you want to do it? I’ll pick up the trailer there, just like we were saying
vjones: Oh man.
vjones: A whole week?
aleigh: whatever. fuck. sure why not.
aleigh: I’ll just take the 802.11 rig and do all the same shit I did last time
aleigh: bryan hasn’t said yes yet

Bryan Wann: I am so going to be still on amsterdam time
Bryan Wann: yes fine, let’s go
Bryan Wann: what’s the worst that could happen
vjones: hahahahahahaha
aleigh: fuck me.
vjones: fuck you
Bryan Wann: fuck us both
aleigh: fuck.
aleigh: fine.
vjones: Fucking hell
vjones: I guess I’m going too
aleigh: god damnit
aleigh: I swear to fucking god if you fuck up my mojo at BM I am selling you to bryan for a multimeter and some stale fig newtons and not looking back victoria
vjones: Hahahahaha
gwyn: She doesn’t want to end up as a Lifetime movie
vjones: Fair enough
aleigh: and he already paid the multimeter

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