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I’m beginning to take for granted things here that I’m sorely going to miss back in the states:

  • Street-side cafes and pubs for quick casual drink+eats and people watching
  • Incredibly pleasant Dutch people. They’re always laid back, friendly and willing to lend a hand to a foreigner.
  • 6′ tall blonde Dutch girls who can not only speak English with a Dutch accent, but also that of a Brit accent.
  • Czech girls
  • Bilingual and multi-lingual people.
  • Being able to sit at cafes and hear people conversing in Dutch, Spanish, French, German, occasionally Chinese.
  • Lamb meat, pita-wrapped shawarma.
  • All-white suit+pants+shoe combos
  • Small streets, very compact buildings make it a tolerable distance to walk from one side of the Centrum to the other.
  • Zero car traffic in the Centrum
  • No crowded highways.
  • Easy-to-use and widely available tram system to save on the walking and get around fairly quickly.
  • Incredible amount of daylight in the summer thanks to 52 degree latitude.
  • Not being pressured into leaving by waitstaff so they can flip my table.
  • Any possible kink you want, you can probably find it here.
  • Almost all of the city is easily accessible to bicycles without any psychotic soccer moms trying to run them off the road while holding a cellphone and Starbucks coffee.
  • Psychotic asshole people on bicycles who own the roads
  • Watching Tour de France live on the telly.
  • All buildings are old, made of brick and have more character in their window ledge and hoisting hooks than entire subdivision of houses in the states.
  • Train or car ride away to Germany, France, UK. Short plane ride to Sweden, Rome, Egypt.

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