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.ca, .nl and BRC photos

I finally finished scanning film from Canada, Amsterdam and the Burning Man roadtrip. I’m disappointed some 40+ night time pictures at BM didn’t work. Last year I underexposed them all, this year I overexposed them and blew out all the detail. This should teach me to buy a meter or a digital SLR.

pictures – US / Canada border; Vancouver, BC

pictures – Amsterdam, Netherlands work trip

pictures – Burning Man 2007, Black Rock City, Nevada

pictures – Cleanup and the drive home – Renton, WA; Oregon; San Francisco; California

Friends’ photographs:

I cleaned up my playa bike and re-assembled my road bike after it made the trip back from Seattle. Most of my gear is finally clean and stowed. There was an amazing amount of playa in the bath tub after washing everything out.

I think it’d be a good idea take my bike to work so I can go ride around the neighborhood at the office in the evenings for a change of scenery. I started up my workout routine again after taking a three month break for trips. I can barely hold my arms over my head and after a set of 100 squats, it makes for tender steps down my stairs. Rogue’s half-marathon training started last week, so I need to get new shoes and get with the program.

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