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Saving things

I had the whole week off and didn’t do much. Tuesday I had a Line-X spray-in bedliner put in my truck; it’s fucking sharp and surprisingly thick. I also received my Canon 30D and one of my lenses. After getting my camera and truck put back together, I had intended to go someplace not Austin — perhaps a random destination Colorado or Louisiana, but never made it. In fact, I did very little at all. I only went cycling one day; the rest of the time I was reading, cleaning, running errands, evaluating investments, or doing random miscellaneous things. By Sunday I was quite bored.

Seeing where I’m at, I started running numbers through spreadsheets. A Bank of America savings account will yield 0.50% interest on any balance. The best return on a $1000 certificate of deposit I could find (according to bankrate.com) was 5.20%. After three months, the CD would be worth $1,013.08. Not very impressive. It’s obvious a person can put back more in the short term by [stricter] budgeting rather than putting money in a savings account, CD, money market. It’s almost a better short term investment to go out and buy a bunch of Euro and sit on it in hopes the dollar will continue fall.

But, putting aside $100-$200 every month, averaging 10% market gain, allowing for inflation+taxes, after 40 years the overall investment should be in the six-digit values.

Tonight was the first time I went to the new uppity gym that myself+coleagues joined. Swimming in the lap pool is way nicer than our pool at the apartment complex. I can actually go more than twenty feet without scraping my hands on the bottom. The pool at the gym is 25 meters long; tonight I was only about to make it 20 meters or so before I was winded. After a three mile run, I browsed around the facility and wound up in the dry sauna. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been in a sauna, and it was so very nice. After twenty minutes inside, I was a melted puddle of flesh, totally in extacy afterwards.

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