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Gym, raaaaawr

With the exception of Friday, I’ve spent every evening at the gym. I’m having mixed results with swimming. The thin Speedo goggles I have leak, which is absolutely annoying when constantly tilting my head to breathe. My other larger goggles are perfectly airtight but seem to block my peripherial vision. I hit the lap pool on Saturday; I was much more tired (or lazy?) than I thought and just was not comfortable at all trying to swim. One of my colleagues happens to have been a swim instructor, he gave me a few tips to try. I need to find out when swimming lessons are scheduled at the gym and get in on that action.

Today was a easy 7 mile run. I let the treadmill put me on a cardio program. It insisted on having me jog 12:00-13:00 minute miles to keep my heartrate down. Afterwards I started into a leg workout. I can now leg press 420 pounds (I maxed out the machine at our apartment complex at 300 pounds); perhaps much more on fresh legs!

I bought Armin van Buuren’s ‘Shivers’ album today, which includes “Sereneity”. This was played at Sensation White 2004 in Amsterdam, you can watch the video on Youtube. It’s gooooood stuff, great for running. Also purchased the “Ultra 10” trance compilation, good stuff as well.

I’ve also lost five pounds over the past couple of weeks. yay!

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