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In a fit of boredom I cleaned off my desk in my bedroom and migrated the Mac from the kitchen counter to it. While I’m still sitting here squandering life away, it feels a lot more productive. I think this is because this is how I started off spending my 20s, sitting at a desk in my bedroom until the very wee hours of the morning building my empire. I spent a LOT of time there. Shortly before I moved here, I had migrated to the diningroom table so I could watch TV. After moving, my Powerbook took over the kitchen counter. It didn’t get any more convienient than that, coming and going, perched on my stool, pecking away. Eventually I’d put a leg to sleep, then move to my chair. Here, the 120+ F degree heat would eventually roast my legs and I’d migrate to the floor or back to the kitchen counter. Suffice to say, that’s not a way to stay productive for long hours.

So here I am once again sitting in my old task chair and old desk, listening to old techno, all which served me well for many years. I feel ready to produce and I’m looking for something to do. I do miss having my spacious 20″ monitor, so I need to craigslist one.

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