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Boston – NYC roadtrip

I have returned from my whistlestop visit of the east coast. On the EWR->AUS flight there were three ultra hot, size-2 girls. Listening to them chatter about timezones and daylight savings, they revealed they were coming from Saint Maarten. One of them even smiled at me as I did a double-take as they were boarding. They clearly could not keep up with my standards, they were back in row 27 while I was happily enjoying my tea from row 3. I would’ve loved to know their story anyways. I lost track of them after the luggage carosel, so they’re about this city somewhere.

An airplane appears to be my coveted place for reading. After putting in earplugs to block out the drunk and loud Scot behind me, I was able to knock out nearly five chapters of a VPN book tonight and actually feel like I retained it.

I start the new job tomorrow; at present time I only have the address, no floor nor suite number. Interestingly, yesterday I was a few blocks away from the corporate office in Jersey City.

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