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AHCC 2008Still alive. Saturday I rode the AHCC. I wanted to do the full 107 mile route, but after 30-40 miles it was pretty apparent I wouldn’t last that long. I made it to the ‘Dillo Door cutoff in with thirty minutes to spare so I had made good time by then. I headed down the 60 mile route and came back ’round. Coming back was easier, I wasn’t fighting the wind and it felt like a large part was downhill. At the cutoff rest stop I spotted a rather nice looking blonde; wearing a Texas Iron jersey, a 2′ long braided blonde ponytail, wearing ice blue Oakleys .. quite a sight for wary me. I forgot how cut, trim, and tan all the serious cyclists were.

Back at the highschool I did a few laps to round out an even 65 miles. The sun had been out for several hours by then and it was nice and toasty. A few of the Texas Iron (a tri group) kids were out running laps around the campus too after the ride. Later I realized the Cap Tex Triathlon was coming up in a couple of weeks, so they were probably training for that.

Now I’ve got to get my act together to put in a few centuries this summer to redeem myself.

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