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Boots and exams

Lucchese ostrich bootsIncidentally I did some shopping this weekend and took advantage of it being a tax-free weekend for clothing. I upgraded from a pair of basic black roper Justin boots I’ve been wearing for the past month (after I had just broken them in) to Lucchese full quill ostrich boots. The comfort is an order of magnitude different. My Justins were just tolerable, some degree of uncomfort, probably had much more breaking in to do. The Lucchese felt better instantly, they remind me much of my Magnanni dress shoes; snug, but foot fully envelop in smooth soft leather. They have a rubber sole, so no more authoritative clicking on concrete, but I’ll gladly take comfort over that.

I had three girls at Cavenders come up and tell me how nice they where as I was buying them, which is a good sign. One tells me they’ll last me fifteen years, another tells me I could romp around in the stable all day and they’ll look good as new with conditioner. I don’t want to think about what I’ll be wearing when I turn 44, it’s too much to handle. I also lack a stable. I guess the oil patch or the rough world of IT will have to do.

Also cashed in a gift certificate at Men’s Wearhouse and picked up some new shirts to replace my older ones that just didn’t fit right. Went hunting around the mall for somebody that sold Brooks Brothers, no luck. Apparently my closest stores are outlet malls in San Marcos and Round Rock.

Between sleeping, watching olympics, more sleeping, waxing my truck, and more sleeping, I got bored and started taking practice Cisco certification tests. The CCNP switching test was a tricky one, endless configuration examples with some arguments switched around, pick the correct syntax. CCIE test was pretty out there, things like “how long does it take SONET to heal after a ring failure” or somesuch. That one I did happen to know, as I’ve seen plenty of maintenance announcements saying “you may see a hit of 50 ms blah blah”. The CCNA test was even farther out there. It was very wordy and executive-summary-ish, “a network is for?” “a) providing a way for employees of a company to exchange data, information, and collaboration.” I quickly tired of wrapping my head around the language and went back to watching the Jamacians dominate the 100 meter races.

Given my day job of fiddling with firewalls and VPNs, their security track might be fun. Since I allegedly can’t take any professional-level tests without my CCNA, I signed up to take the ICND2 test tomorrow at lunch to renew my CCNA. I have no idea what’s on it. I figure if I could pass it once eight years ago, I can pass it again. It’ll be really embarrassing if I didn’t pass and might have to quit my job out of shame. I’m entertaining the idea of taking the CCIE written for the hell of it, just to see where I get. That’ll be a few months off, I’m impatient so I’m taking this tomorrow.

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