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Blah, I’ve been sick since Friday night. Some sinus burnage that fled to my chest over the past couple of days. Last night was the first night I got a whole night’s rest, feeling better finally.

In the process of being sick I finished cleaning out my old apartment and turned in my keys Sunday. Making progress in putting my stuff away, I can now see my livingroom floor. Still several crates of documents from the old company I need to deal with.

I love having cable and this new fangled thing they call a ‘DVR’. Watching CNBC and Becca Quick in the morning makes waking up worthwhile. When I get home at night, I can watch the opening of the Australian markets, then Asia, then repeat the next morning!

Need to figure out how I’m going to get a washer and dryer moved to my apartment. More importantly, I need to find a laundrymat to wash my overflowing hamper o’ clothes in the meantime.

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