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The Goal

AT&T finally ported my number to my iPhone. This means I am finally back to carrying one phone. Last night it felt weird not hooking my Nokia to the charger on my night stand. I’ve been doing this action right at 10 years; it’s quite the habit.

This weekend I was browsing through textbooks at UT’s school of business. One that was required for a supply chain management degree was called The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt. Apparently quite the classic business book. It’s basically about operations management, written in novel form. A lot of the story hit home (“everthing is either hot, very hot, do it now!”) and I couldn’t stop reading it. In retrospect, some of the things about constraint management they discuss seems like it should be common sense. Things such as gathering data, identifying a bottleneck, preventing the bottleneck from going idle. After they save the plant the thrill stops, but I think that’s because it’s where the meat of theory of constraint is brought in.

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