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IPv6 in the home

I don’t know where March and April went, but they’re long gone.

Since we finally put in for a IPv6 allocation at work, I decided it was high time to finally get it working at home. It’s still a bit of voodoo but I finally have a few things working.

My home network is on NAT behind a Cisco PIX 501. This prevents me from using 6to4 or a tunnel broker, because it won’t pass IP protocol 41. I wound up using a Teredo tunnel from my MacBook (using Miredo for OS X) and a Linux box using miredo as well. It feels sort of sketchy because there’s not many public Teredo tunnel servers out there.

Being the nerd I am, after hitting http://ipv6.google.com/, I tried to get on an IPv6 irc server. This was a totally annoying endeavour at least. BitchX on my Linux box didn’t have IPv6 support compiled in, so I needed to rebuild the RPM. Unfortunately the box is running Fedora Core 6 which was apparently taken down from the usual fedora-updates repositories, and I needed a few things like ncurses-devel. Eventually I rebuilt it, then figured out I couldn’t connect.

Giving up, I turned to my MacBook. The Darwin ports of BitchX builds without IPv6 either, and I didn’t want to learn how to manually rebuild the package. I turned to Xirc, which was horrible; it would crash on connection attempt to an IPv6 host. I finally had success with Colloquy!

Then I turned my attention to tifa. She’s not running behind NAT, so I could easily play with my HE tunnels (with the downside of breaking IPv4 and locking myself out). For whatever reason I couldn’t add a ::/0 default route with iproute2, but I could with net-tools. Now I have a nailed up tunnel providing full access to the various services (i.e. web!) running, and a jumping off point for testing more things. Hooray!

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