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IPv6 connected VPSes

Being the annoying IPv6 evangelist I am at work (I turned up our first dual-stack and v6 load balanced “hello world” webserver last week), I wanted more viewpoints of native IPv6 connectivity to play with. Turns out there’s only three or four peeps that sell virtual private server (VPS) with native IPv6 connectivity in the 45 seconds of Googling I did. Verio is quite proud of their VPS product, being nearly more expensive than a managed physical server. No idea if Amazon Web Services offer up any v6 VPS, but they seem expensive too if they did.

The internets had good things to say about Goscomb in the UK. I figure if I’m getting one to play with v6 connectivity, get something that’s not in the US. Their VPS is only £10/month, which is reasonable. Within 18 hours of filling out their web form, my CentOS VPS was released to me after settling the bill. Interestingly my IPv6 address is just my IPv4 address mapped into a /64, which gives me ideas. Uninterestingly, the IPv6 world is pretty small. Traceroute6 between nicky and tifa is only eight hops, all of which is over Hurricane Electric’s network. Those guys are everywhere!

IPv6 Certification Badge for mrunixSpeaking of, I’ve passed Hurricane Electric’s “Sage” level IPv6 certification. I highly recommend it. Watch out for RFC 4291, the difference between “mapped IPv4” and “IPv6 compatible IPv4” is a tricky one. I should totally put the Sage badge on my resume, next to the “persuing CCIE written” bulletpoint.

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