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On edge

Two surprising developments. First, I’ve never been a fan of scary movies. I don’t really care one way or another since I know they’re entertainment designed to elicit a response. You know, like calling your mom a whore. Last night I watched Paranormal Activity with Brady and Suzanne. I thought it was a good movie, would recommend to others. It seemed like all the drama happened around 3:14 AM, so I kept hoping there’d be a slight nod to pi by something happening at 3:14:15 but this never happened.

What I wasn’t expecting was what happened later at night as I was laying in bed half-asleep. In my mind I kept playing over and over the end of the movie where the girl gets drug out of bed by the foot then later is all “it’ll all be ok baby”. Then at 3 AM my phone starts going off because of some angry cron jobs emailing me because of the daylight savings time rollback. Not cool.

The other is that I have developed a new appreciation for coffee. I’ve never really been a fan. While I was working at Telecity I started hitting the koffie after I ran their Nescafe machine out of hot chocolate. Otherwise I’d drink it every now and then, it’s just never been a favorite. Usually because it’s so nuclear hot when it’s served and I have to wait fifteen minutes until I can drink it. Tea at least cools a little during steeping.

Then we got a Keurig single-cup coffee maker at work. For giggles I brewed a cup of Green Mountain “tres-intense, extra bold” to try it. I liked it, a lot. I discovered it gave me one hell of a kick compared to a pot of tea. Courage to get stuff done, in full “NOT NOW CHIEF, I’M STARTIN THE FUCKIN’ REACTOR” mode. Now I forego my usual iced tea in the morning in favor of coffee, or I’ll go as far as to drink both. I go through about 3-5 cups a day now, really putting a dent in our K-cup supply. Last week I figured out coffee is a great appetite suppressant, which is great in itself! Hooray coffee!

Now I have a new 10-cup Mr. Coffee machine at home. Fancy coffee need not apply, I like mine black, strong, no cream — motor-oil, NASA engineer grade. I hear next I need to take up smoking, since nicotine is an even better stimulant and apetite suppressant.

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