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Redmond limbo

After my great journey I arrived in Redmond Saturday-before-last (18th). Saturday night was a nifty welcome-to-the-PNW get-together  at Coppola-Leigh. Sunday I rented a storage unit and unloaded all my belongings. Thanks to Alex & Victoria for coming to help unload awesome heavy couch and the rest of my boxes!  I’ve taken residence in the dining room, having taken over the coffee table for work.

The first few days felt like a surreal anti-vacation. I felt like I was only here temporarily, but knew I wasn’t.  After unloading I realized my routine was gone. Several thoughts ran through my mind, such as “man, a Sonic iced tea sounds awesome” but there was no Sonic.  “Man, I’m hungry, Chuy’s sounds awesome” but I didn’t know where any good restaurants were.  “Man, I just want to go home and put my feet up” but I had no home to go to.

I’m still looking for an apartment. Some I looked at last week were either way expensive or didn’t have any units available until November. Tomorrow I leave for EWR for the rest of the week, so that puts a hold on visiting properties.

There are a few good stories of events that happened along the way and after I got here. I need to write about these later!

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