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Homeless no more!

I finally found & leased an apartment yesterday! It’s a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, located in a mid-rise building in downtown Redmond. It’s a corner unit on the second floor, one side overlooks the courtyard and the other overlooks the street.  I originally went to look at a 1 bedroom, which I didn’t like because there was practically no storage for all my fuh.  I wound up with a 2 bdr because the leasing girl happened to mention the cost, it was still within my price range and was a great deal.  The internets give poor ratings to this place, the more interesting review claims there was water leaking out of an electrical outlet from upstairs. So, we’ll see how things go for me.

Pretty much all last week I was in NJ/NY for work. I flew out Tuesday, sat in meetings all day Wednesday and Thursday, worked from Somerset on Friday, and flew back on Saturday. I found out that flying from coast to coast is a great way to eat a day. I left for SEA at 5:20 AM Pacific, was in the air for five hours, landed at EWR, then it was about 5:30 PM Eastern. My coworkers gave me the grand tour of Hoboken, NYC, Somerset, Jersey City and Newark. Even at 4 PM on a Friday, downtown Newark was sketchy. I can’t imagine it at night. Wednesday night a vendor took us out to Old Homestead Steak House. While the steak was great, it was the mac n cheese that was really outstanding.

While in NJ we used car services to get around. I can’t forget our awesome driver on Thursday morning. He said he had moved from Texas 27 years ago, worked as a professional chef, got tired of cooking and took up driving. He wasn’t afraid to put the pedal down and put the Lincoln Navigator through traffic. He says he owned a Ferrari, but gave it up when the shop wanted to do a $27k overhaul on it. In addition, he told us how way back when, him and his wife bought a 800 sq/ft house + four acres for $225k. Through a combination of taking on roommates, saving, and gradually adding on to their house, he now has a 12,000 sq/ft house on the same four acres that would “easily go tomorrow for $6.3 million”. Once he finishes putting his last child through college, he’s moving to Texas to retire, buying a lot of land, and must have a Hummer, another Mercedes, and some sort of sports car. Clearly I’m doin’ it wrong.

This week I managed to get sick with a cold and sinus congestion. Today I’m a little coughy, but much better than yesterday. As soon as I could tell I was getting sick, I went out and bought another neti pot. I wanted to flush out what I could before it ate up my throat and made things worse. This seems to helped, as I don’t have an irritated throat like I normally would.

Now I need to find some movers to take all of my stuff from storage to the new place. I’m sad there’s no FiOS yet (“a month or two”) and Comcast won’t have my internets ready until next Thursday at least.

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  1. Steve says:

    Bryan, I’ve never seen an apartment place with a good rating on rating sites. It seems like only people with issues bother to complain.

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