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Farewell, Firefox

Firefox is dead to me. In the early days, Firefox was leaps and bounds better than anything else out there, and that was fantastic. Now it feels incredibly slow and every time I turn around I’m being nagged about wanting to apply an upgrade. We’re jumping major version numbers like some sort of Microsoft Office product. Somewhere we went from version 3 to version 9 to version 13. I have an old MacBook Pro maxed out with 2 GB RAM and an SSD, and I basically have to restart FF each day to be able to watch a video or load flash. Even then, it eats all my RAM and works the CPU enough to kick on the fans.

I’ve moved on to Chrome. It’s not a favorite, but I have yet to restart it after two weeks. I can (so far) reliably kill off out of control rendering processes if they do happen to leak a ton of memory. It’s helping stave off upgrading to that new shiny Retina display MacBook Pro, at least for a few weeks!

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