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June rocks

June was such an exciting month and the good news over summer keeps getting better:

  • People finally wise up and take down the Confederate flag (the “rebel flag” where I grew up)
  • The US Supreme Court allows gay marriage (whether or not they hijacked diplomacy is another thing)
  • ESA’s Philae comet lander makes contact with Rosetta after several months of hibernation
  • The Oklahoma Supreme Court says the 10 Commandments monument at the state capitol must come down
  • ARIN basically ran out of IPv4 addresses at the end of June, only /23 and /24s remain
  • 50% of Xfinity/Comcast Facebook users now reach Facebook over IPv6 (tell me again IPv6 will never take off?)
  • The Internet largely absorbed the 2015 leap second without dying
  • My annual physical says I’m not dying, but need to get more exercise
  • I scheduled vacation at the end of July

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